Waterbody Management & Urban Flooding

Waterbody management is one of the most important challenges that many Smart Cities are facing. In Panaji, the St. Inez Creek loops through the coastal city and opens into the Mandovi river in proximity to the river’s confluence with the sea.. PULL is working on addressing long standing issues of pollution and fragmented urban governance of the creek, working collaboratively with multiple government stakeholders and residents. In addition, the PULL is creating awareness amongst city planners, residents and other stakeholders, on nature-based solutions and urban ecology. PULL is also working to identify NbS that could help address the issue of water logging in low-lying areas in Panaji and is drafting a flood mitigation plan for the city.



Co-creating a Rejuvenation Plan for the St Inez Creek with an interdepartmental committee to improve the health of the creek

Developing a flood management plan for Panaji to mitigate adverse climate impacts and improve Panaji’s Climate-Smartness

Hosting workshops to train government officials on the value of urban ecology, especially mangroves, to improve the city’s resilience

Building a toolkit to help Panaji implement Nature Based Solutions