Bringing proven global solutions to India

The Sandbox helps various organizations test and demonstrate proven urban solutions in conditions that are typical to the city. This helps Indian cities address their urban challenges using new solutions and approaches.

How does the PULL Sandbox work?

The Sandbox helps cities to prioritise and present challenges to relevant and interested organizations with proven solutions and approaches. By fostering partnerships with cities, organizations, and service providers, the Sandbox facilitates the testing and demonstration of solutions. The Sandbox provides institutional, regulatory and technical support for pilots, assists with contextualizing solutions and supports the government in measuring the impact of the testing. Other cities can use our learnings from operating the sandbox in Panaji to replicate a similar approach to solve their urban challenges.


  • ➠  Research, Co-creation & Problem Framing: Frame problems that external players can help solve

  • ➠  Procurement Support: Shape the way regulation or procurement is done to ensure global solutions can be implemented

  • ➠  Institutional Collaboration: Coordinate between government stakeholders on the solutions

  • ➠  Global and Local Solutions: Identify evidence-based sustainable solutions relevant to Panaji

  • ➠  Demonstration Support: Understand the context and specific issues in Panaji; identify how solutions need to be adapted; guide external and local players to create solutions and approaches to fit in the local context

  • ➠  Partnerships: Connect with city organizations; co-design appropriate solutions for Panaji

  • ➠  Evaluation & Learnings: Monitor the impacts of solutions and approaches; capture lessons from Sandbox activities

  • ➠  Innovation Secretariat: Help take decisions, prioritize problems, and solutions to take up